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Automatisation, automate programmable.

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    ismahane bokal
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Automatisation, automate programmable.  Automate programmable considéré comme un ordinateur industriel spécialisé;  Remplace les systèmes logiques basés sur les relais;  Autres fonctions disponibles: temporisateur (timer), compteur (count), mémoire, fonctions mathématiques, communication et autres fonctions. Automate programmable. Principales composantes  Modularity—Modular processors, power supplies, I/O, memory options, and communication interfaces allow for a configurable and expandable system. You configure your system for the number of I/O, the amount of memory, and the communication networks you need. Later, when you want to expand the system, you can add I/O or communication interfaces.  Fast delivery of messages —Between networks, between links within networks, and between modules across the backplane.  Industrially hardened product—Designed to withstand the vibrations, thermal extremes, and electrical noise associated with harsh industrial environments.  Compact design—Fits in limited panel space.  Many network options—Take advantage of distributed processing by connecting processors across Ethernet, ControlNet, DeviceNet, DH+, and DH-485 networks.  More I/O choices—Distributed I/O at locations remote from the processor can be connected across ControlNet, DeviceNet, and Universal Remote I/O links.

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    April 03, 2019

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